Divi Project: Performance Recap – BeInCrypto

Divi Project: Performance Recap - BeInCrypto

The Divi Project seems to be going from strength to strength in 2021. With the release of their highly anticipated mobile wallet, significant announcements, and exciting roadmap milestones, the project is not letting up. It’s even more impressive when you consider that this is perhaps the first-of-its-kind attempt to create a completely decentralized and self-sustaining financial ecosystem.

Divi has made significant progress over the past couple of months. First, the launch of Divi Wallet, a non-custodial crypto-wallet that forms the backbone of the DIVI ecosystem. Secondly, Divi was listed on KuCoin, the world’s fifth-largest cryptocurrency exchange. Finally, they announced an exciting partnership with Hummingbot, the premier community-driven liquidity mining protocol.

We covered the launch of Divi Wallet at length last month. So today, we’ll focus on the KuCoin listing, and the potential impact on the Divi ecosystem. If you’re learning about Divi for the first time now, you can find more details about the platform and the ecosystem in our in-depth Divi review.

DIVI Coin on KuCoin

KuCoin announced on May 28th that it would be listing DIVI on its trading platform, starting at 10:00 on May 31, 2021 (UTC). KuCoin users are now able to trade between DIVI and Tether (USDT).


This creates significant exposure for Divi, as KuCoin has a user-base of more than 8 million. Through this listing, Divi expects there will be a spike in interest in the project, as more people see their long-term potential. 

Listing on a major exchange such as KuCoin gives the DIVI community and potential buyers the ability to more readily buy and sell the token, which is an important step forward for any project to succeed. Liquidity is a part of ease of use, which is the goal of The Divi Project.In addition to expanding global reach, Major exchanges like KuCoin come with a worldwide community. This makes it much easier for Divi to build a presence in new markets and regions, as access is improved.This listing represents the first ‘tier one’ exchange that Divi will be listed on. This increases the reputation of the project and increases investor trust. 

Speaking of potential users, if you are one, here are the main factors that give Divi an edge as a decentralized multi-layered financial ecosystem.

Why would you choose Divi?

At the heart of Divi is an efficient blockchain that utilizes internal milestones to reduce inefficiency and duplication. As a lean PoS coin, Divi is future-proof, ensuring scalability for global cryptocurrency adoption. The Divi blockchain uses a Proof of Stake consensus mechanism which is drastically different from the Proof of Work (PoW) mechanism that powers the Bitcoin network. This means, unlike Bitcoin mining which requires a vast amount of computing power, Divi relies on a concept called “Coin Age” to secure the network. Their PoS network enables users to validate transactions in real-time and win rewards in return.The Divi blockchain and associated applications are open to third-party security audits. The blockchain is open source, and the codebase can be viewed and verified at their project github.

Divi created a unique “tiered masternode system.” This is a unique system consisting of five tiers that can be easily set up with a single click, using their revolutionary masternode installer. This allows users with little to no technical expertise to participate in a cryptocurrency network and run full nodes. The ease of owning a masternode is one of the most attractive features of Divi. It helps make crypto safer, as a more accessible ecosystem creates diversity and security.With the Divi SDK fully deployed, the ecosystem and its components will be interoperable with a wide range of third-party applications. This is exciting for blockchain developers who wish to leverage the unique features create within the ecosystem.

The Divi lottery is another unique and exciting feature that adds real value to the Divi ecosystem. The lottery awards 25,000 DIVI to 10 winners every week. In addition, there is a grand prize of 252,000 DIVI to one lucky winner. Any Divi users that are staking, and win a stake, earn entry to that week’s draw. 

Despite being relatively young, Divi already has a formidable track record when it comes to giving back to society through various community projects. Here’s a quick snippet of some of them:

Divi Green: The Divi Green community in Venezuela has been working relentlessly to create a circular economy to improve social and environmental circumstances. One of their flagship initiatives includes a plastic recycling program that pays people in DIVI to remove plastic from the environment. The recipients can then exchange their DIVI stash in the market for food and other goods.The Mighty Project: The Mighty Project, powered by Divi, has been active since 2018. This non-profit runs a Divi Node to supplement its revenue and has earned a total of $74,000 for the Leukaemia Lymphoma Society over the past three years.Agape House is a unique charity currently operating in San Diego. With the community’s support, Agape House has changed the lives of many homeless students by providing them with housing and mentorship.The Spaghetti Project was founded by Tristan Paylado in the Philippines with the goal of providing free hot meals to hungry residents. The program has been using Divi as its main form of fundraising since its inception. 

You can find more about Divi community projects here. You can also check out Divi’s roadmap for a better insight into what the project has achieved so far, as well as what’s in the pipeline.


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