Why NFTs Must Have Utility to Unlock Special Features

Why Creators Should Make NFTs the Keys to Unlock Special Features

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a fleeting trend and a gateway for creators to unlock an array of special features. This vision transcends the initial euphoria around NFTs as only digital collectibles. Consequently, steering towards a horizon where functionality and utility reign supreme.

This evolution in the NFT market has been championed by industry experts who opine that NFTs, when designed with utility in focus, can drastically enhance user engagement and community building.

NFTs As Utility Tokens

The essence of NFTs as keys lies in their unique digital DNA. Indeed, each token is a distinct entity, a singular point in the digital continuum that can be programmed to grant access, unlock experiences, or unveil special functionalities within a virtual ecosystem.

This is not just a theoretical concept but a lived reality on platforms like Mintable. Here, NFTs are the passport to exclusive digital realms, enhancing user engagement and the inherent value proposition of the digital asset.


This utilitarian ethos of NFTs is a boon for creators, opening the gates to novel monetization strategies. Beyond the initial sale, the narrative of exclusivity around NFTs can be a perennial source of revenue. Moreover, the secondary market allows creators to earn royalties with every change of hands, creating a sustainable financial model.

“Out of 11 key factors for consideration, NFT utility is the most important reason for motivating people to buy, while disrupting the status quo is the least important reason… At least 3 out of every 4 NFT holders consider how much utility a collection offers or what benefits they can get from holding it, before buying,” CoinGecko reported.

Why Investors Buy NFTs. Source: CoinGecko

Ronny Dahan, CEO of SIRKL.io, told BeInCrypto about the potential of auxiliary avenues like paid groups or on-chain storage features that provide additional layers of value to NFTs.

“NFT creators should adopt an approach centered on long-term utility rather than solely focusing on short-term hype. Smart contracts offer unique opportunities to create NFTs with real utility, such as fractional ownership, access to exclusive content, or community governance. These integrations showcase how utility can significantly enhance the value of NFTs while reinforcing engagement and satisfaction among NFT holders,” Dahan said.

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Community and investor engagement is the bedrock of this evolving narrative. An engaged community is not just a transient audience but co-creators of value.

The dialogue between creators and the community, catalyzed through open communication and active listening, fosters a robust ecosystem around NFT projects.

“68.8% of NFT holders buy in because they want to join the community of fellow owners and the project team. For blue chip or up-and-coming projects, this could mean becoming part of a prestigious network that can raise holders’ social status or grant access to exclusive resources. Besides these, people might be attracted to NFT communities that have similar interests or values, or where they happen to find new friends,” CoinGecko concluded.

Google Search Interest in NFTs
Google Search Interest in NFTs. Source: Statista

Dahan also underscored the significance of community engagement, portraying it as the cornerstone of success and sustained interest in NFT endeavors.

“In a volatile market like NFTs, responsiveness is key. It’s crucial to stay informed about trends, listen to the community, and iterate the project accordingly. One must continuously assess user feedback and adapt features to remain relevant. Moreover, strategic collaborations and open communication with the community can help navigate market fluctuations, ensuring ongoing interest and value retention in our NFTs,” Dahan added.

Eco-Friendly and Security

Amidst this digital renaissance, the specter of environmental impact looms large. The carbon footprint of blockchain activities is a pressing concern, nudging creators towards eco-friendly blockchains.

This green ethos narrative that explores avenues to mitigate environmental impact can enhance the reputation and perceived value of NFTs.

“Creators can minimize their carbon footprint by choosing eco-friendly blockchains. Investor perception can indeed be influenced by environmental concerns, valuing eco-friendly NFTs more and aligning projects with society’s growing environmental values,” Dahan emphasized.

The journey of NFTs from a digital novelty to a functional asset is a long-term vision. Indeed, it is a blend of real utility, continuous iteration based on feedback, and strategic collaborations.

Dahan’s mantra is to prioritize real utility, engage the community from the outset, and adopt a feedback-driven iteration approach.

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In this digital odyssey, ensuring authenticity and preventing fraud are also paramount. Blockchain technology ensures the traceability and uniqueness of NFTs, establishing a bulwark against fraud.

Still, Dahan vows for rigorous verification and education to advocate for a safe and authentic NFT industry.

“Raising awareness and educating our community about fraud risks are key to maintaining a safe environment for our users and NFT projects. Although blockchain technology provides traceability and uniqueness for NFTs, it is essential to implement verification processes and collaborate with reputable platforms to ensure the security of NFTs,” Dahan concluded.

The NFT space is ripe for maturation, with an increased focus on utility, sustainability, and community-driven initiatives. Dahan’s outlook is optimistic, envisioning a market where environmental concerns are addressed, and technological advancements propel NFTs into the broader digital consciousness.


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