Valora Introduces ‘Mobile Stack’ to Simplify Web3 Apps on iOS, Android

Tyler Spalding, CEO / Co-Founder, Flexa, 2Chainz and Zack Seward, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, CoinDesk

July 5: Valora, a P2P payments app, introduced Mobile Stack, described as “an open protocol that simplifies the creation of Web3-native mobile apps on iOS and Android.” According to the team, “it unlocks a critical pathway for bringing the next billion users on-chain by providing Web3 brands and startups with the tools they need to bring their apps to consumers’ fingertips. Troopo (from Stake Capital/Curve) and The ChatGPT DataDAO (from Vana) will be the first of Mobile Stack’s ecosystem partners to bring their Web3 dApps to mobile, showcasing how web3 products can be reimagined as consumer-friendly, mobile-first experiences.”

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