The Future of Web3 Advertising? Swash’s Innovative Solution!

The Future of Web3 Advertising? Swash’s Game-Changing Solution!

Tired of seeing your ad budget wasted on unseen or irrelevant placements? This is a shared concern among many businesses.

Picture a huge $616bn industry struggling with the weight of its own size. We’re talking about today’s digital advertising world. A staggering 37% of us have shielded ourselves with ad-blockers. Shockingly, a whopping $81 billion has evaporated into thin air, victims of ad fraud and bots.

This digital environment is particularly unfriendly to emerging web3 and crypto projects that struggle to authentically raise brand awareness, let alone acquire users, without the deep pockets necessary for experimentation.

And when the inevitable bear market sets in, budgets shrink, and engaging already passive communities becomes even harder.


Thankfully, not all hope is lost. Whilst the likes of Meta and Google may be hesitant to readily accept crypto advertisers, web3 industry-native solutions emerge. 

Introducing the Swash Solution

Swash is built on the principle of empowering users to be themselves whilst they browse, and earn passively from the value of their data. The vision is straightforward – an online world where fair compensation is a priority for users. With this in mind, Swash introduces ‘Swash Ads’ – their answer to the existing advertising challenges in the crypto space.

Having already gained the attention of just shy of half a million users, Swash, through their ads solutions, gives brands the access to a fully engaged web3 audience ready to discover new projects. In return for their ad-attention, Swash users are rewarded with a portion of the advertisers’ ad spend.

A Fresh Take on Digital Advertising

The concept of rewarding users for their engagement isn’t completely new – with a handful of other internet industry players compensating users for their attention, a major change is evident.

Swash Ads align perfectly with this trend. Users earn from the ads they view, and brands get to reach thousands of fully engaged, proofed web3 audience. It’s a win-win situation. 

It’s undeniable; this approach significantly benefits advertisers. In a landscape where web3 projects often wrestle with limited funds, and the giants of tech overshadow them, critical budget chunks get used up in ad trials and tweaks. However, Swash Ads changes the game. Every dollar pumped into this platform is directly translated into genuine engagement.

Reza Naeeni, Co-Founder of Swash, said:

“Our journey in the world of web3 advertising struggles has mirrored the challenges faced by many. Traditional digital advertising methods often prove inefficient, with their high starting costs failing to authentically reach web3 audiences. Cutting through the noise and scaling up, regardless of market sentiment, is a shared endeavor. This is why we’ve created Swash Ads; a solution that ensures that brands receive the spotlight and undivided attention they deserve. Swash users are a unique community which spends significant time online, eagerly exploring new projects and sharing their thoughts. This distinctive engagement sets them apart and offers a promising opportunity for advertisers that are ready to be noticed.”

Why Swash Ads Stand Out

Budget-Friendly Approach: Swash believes in inclusivity. Whether you’re a startup or an established brand, there’s room for everyone. With no minimum budget requirements, projects of all sizes can tap into the Swash audience. Moreover, the platform promises cost-effectiveness, often beating mainstream ad networks. And as a cherry on top? A special offer of $200 ad credit for the first 10 advertisers from BIC.
Reaching the Right Audience: Swash isn’t just about ads; it’s about effective ads. With a direct pipeline to an impressive 19.30M impressions per month, advertisers can create tailored experiences that connect. The numbers speak volumes – 12.07M total ads clicked and a staggering 6.74B total ads served.
User-Centric & GDPR Compliant: Swash champions user privacy. The platform offers cookieless, secure, and sustainable advertising, fully aligned with GDPR standards.
Efficient Ad Management: Whether you’re hands-on or prefer expert guidance, Swash has you covered. Choose between self-serve or collaborate with a dedicated account manager knowledgeable about performance marketing. With advanced reporting and analytics at your fingertips, make data-driven decisions.
Innovative Ad Formats: Swash understands the need for versatility in advertising. From full-screen new tab ads to corner portraits and integrated display ads for search, there’s an array of formats tailored for diverse campaigns.

Key Features & Benefits of Swash Ads

For users, it’s a seamless experience. Verify within the Swash app, and you’re good to go. 

Advertisers, on the other hand, get to access audiences that previously seemed elusive. With GDPR-friendly, cookieless advertising, sustainable practices, and a reduced risk of ad fraud, Swash offers a comprehensive solution.

Getting Started with Swash Ads

The journey with Swash Ads is straightforward:

Registration: Express your interest through a simple form. Remember to include “BESWADS” in the submission notes to let Swash know you’re coming via BeInCrypto!
Onboarding: Lean on Swash’s ad experts for a smooth start.
Setup: Set up, monitor, and refine your advertising campaign as you go.

Reflecting on the Future of Digital Advertising

In a digital world flooded with advertisements, Swash carves a niche by focusing on user experience and providing brands with a new channel for genuine connection. 

As the direction shifts toward the web3 domain, Swash presents itself not just as an advertising platform but as a significant frontrunner in what digital advertising might evolve into. 

For those interested in Swash, the first 10 projects to join through BeInCrypto with this link using code “BESWADS” will receive a notable $200 ad credit to explore its features!


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