LandRocker’s LRT Token to be Listed on BingX, Introducing its Dynamic Roadmap

LandRocker’s LRT Token to be Listed on BingX, Introducing its Dynamic Roadmap

Dubai, UAE, July 9th, 2024, GamingWire

LandRocker, a play-to-earn game set in an expansive universe of space exploration, has announced that its native token, LRT, will be listed on the centralized exchange BingX on July 9th. This development comes alongside the introduction of their novel dynamic roadmap, designed to offer transparency and engagement for the gaming community.

Integral to the LandRocker gaming economy, the LRT token will be available on BingX, providing more access for gamers and investors. This listing follows the successful launch of LRT on MEXC and Uniswap, further expanding the token’s reach and usability. The presale of LRT raised $2.8 million, demonstrating investor confidence in LandRocker’s potential. Additional listings on other tier-1 exchanges, including Bybit, KuCoin, and, are anticipated soon.

LandRocker’s new dynamic roadmap is the first of its kind amongst Web3 projects, and is set to upend how gaming projects communicate progress. The feature integrates daily video updates and a live interactive map, allowing users to track the project’s development in real time. The dynamic roadmap provides a level of transparency and engagement previously unseen in the crypto industry, fostering a stronger bond between the project and its community.


“We are pioneering a new level of transparency and engagement in the gaming industry with our dynamic roadmap,” said CEO Hamid Fathalian. “This approach sets a high standard for openness, strengthening the trust and involvement of our community and stakeholders, marking a first as no other project has implemented such a transparent and agile framework.”

The game’s approach helps control inflation and fosters a sustainable gaming economy and stable economic loop. Refined through billions of simulations over the past two years, LandRocker ensures ongoing rewards, economic stability, and continuous player engagement.

LandRocker’s mission is to develop a robust chart for its token that is as individual and powerful as possible, aiming to minimize its reaction to Bitcoin price drops. By building on a strong foundation, LandRocker aspires to establish an evergreen chart, ensuring long-term stability and growth for its token. Underscoring LandRocker’s commitment to creating a sustainable and resilient gaming economy, providing lasting value for its community and investors. The game’s Season Zero offers players the chance to explore a universe with 79 quintillion unique planets and compete for a combined prize pool of 20 million LRT. 

About LandRocker:

LandRocker is a cutting-edge play-to-earn game set in a vast universe of space exploration and discovery. It offers players a unique blend of adventure, strategy, and multiplayer battles, along with opportunities to earn valuable crypto rewards. The game features innovative play-to-liberate, play-to-earn, and play-to-win modes, fostering a balanced and sustainable ecosystem. Players mine elements, craft equipment, and trade with others to maintain a stable economic loop. With a focus on quality gameplay and a resilient economy, LandRocker is poised to become a leading title in the P2E gaming space.

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