After Recent Cyberattacks, Users Seek Safety with’s Proven Security

After Recent Cyberattacks, Users Seek Safety with’s Proven Security

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It’s no secret nor surprise that Web3 is fraught with risks, from hacking attempts to outright scams. These perpetual threats underscore the necessity for trading exchanges to implement comprehensive security protocols. Robust security measures are crucial for keeping user assets and data safe, which in turn builds trust and stability in the industry.

Recent incidents highlight the gravity of these threats: in February 2024, a cryptocurrency exchange in Hong Kong lost around $56.5 million in assets. In April, a cryptocurrency exchange in the Middle East suffered a $14.8 million loss due to an attack. In May, a leading Japanese cryptocurrency exchange was hacked, resulting in the theft of 4,502.9 BTC, valued at $305 million.

By June, a UK-based cryptocurrency exchange had ceased trading after losing $22 million in a “security incident” and shut down two days later following another hack. Additionally, a Turkish cryptocurrency exchange announced on June 22 that it had been attacked, affecting the hot wallet assets of 10 cryptocurrencies.


For the collective well-being of “open finance” and the Web3 world, it is imperative that all protocols, exchanges, and crypto firms stop falling into the same traps and start rebuilding trust. That said, within this ever-evolving landscape, one exchange stands out with over a decade of experience and a commitment to best practices in the industry— 

Fortifying Security on Every Front employs a comprehensive security strategy that blankets its platform from digital to physical. Cutting-edge encryption, resilient cloud defenses, anti-DDoS measures, and stringent web application firewalls form the backbone of its defense against cyber threats. These technologies work in harmony to safeguard transactions and shield user data from potential breaches.

Behind this formidable defense is a team of security experts who adopt a proactive, risk-based approach. Continual assessment and improving on security protocols mean that exceeds industry standards in protecting user assets.

Empowering Users with Security Tools

Key to’s security strategy are advanced features like Bind IP, Asset Passwords, Google OTP, and Anti-phishing Passwords. These tools are not just your average security features; they provide a strong defense against unauthorized access and phishing attempts. believes in sharing responsibility around security, giving users these crucial tools while also reinforcing strong offensive and defensive protocols on the platform. For example, Bind IP limits account access to authorized IP addresses, adding an extra layer of protection for user assets.

Leading the Way in Transparency

Security isn’t just about preventing theft. In 2020, committed to user-verifiable Proof of Reserves (PoR). This ground-breaking initiative let users independently verify that their cryptocurrency holdings are fully backed on a 1:1 basis, ensuring transparency and trust. Over time,’s PoR program has expanded significantly, now covering the widest range of assets among all exchanges. Regular publishing of 100% PoR reports underscores’s dedication to transparency and accountability in managing user assets.

Collaborating for a Safer Future doesn’t stop at internal safeguards; it actively collaborates with external experts to raise the bar in blockchain security. Partnerships with firms like Hacken involve annual security assessments, testing for bugs and gaps that attackers could target, and smart contract audits. These initiatives strengthen’s defenses and help contribute to advancing industry-wide security practices.

Moreover, Dr. Han Lin, Founder and CEO of, recently appeared at Seoul Meta Week and delivered a comprehensive speech on how crypto exchanges should build trust beyond blockchain, emphasizing the importance of robust security measures and calling for industry-wide collaboration to enhance user trust and safety. With a vision focused on continual improvement and resilience in the face of evolving threats, remains at the forefront, setting a benchmark for trust and security in the industry.


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